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Excavation Logan

blue excavator machine clearing demolished building

At Excavation Logan, we are a full-service excavation company providing services for residential and commercial clients. Our team of experienced professionals provides quality craft in everything we do. Whether you need a small excavation or complete site preparation, we have the experience and expertise to do the job right.
Excavation and demolition services need to be done carefully and with precision. Our team of experienced operators will make sure your job is done quickly and appropriately without compromising safety or quality.

Here at Excavation Logan, you can trust that we will provide you with the best service for your excavation and demolition needs. We are experienced in all types of excavations, from significant site preparations to smaller projects like underpinning and drainage systems. Our team is knowledgeable in various methods and techniques to ensure the highest quality results.


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    Our excavation Logan Services

    THE BEST excavation Logan

    Excavation Logan

    Excavation Logan is the leading provider of excavation services Gold Coast.

    At excavation Logan, we provide a wide range of services, including earthmoving, home demolition, commercial demolition, partial demolition, strip outs & deficits, land and site clearing, detailed excavation and house demolition. We understand the importance of safety, accuracy and efficiency in excavation projects. We ensure open communication and adherence to all safety standards. Our experienced team is skilled in the most sophisticated excavation technology, helping us to deliver superior results for every project.

    two excavator machine clearing a big site


    Earthmoving is moving large amounts of dirt, soil and debris from one location to another. It usually involves using types of machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, loaders and backhoes to perform the task. We specialise in earthmoving services for residential, commercial and industrial projects.
    Earthmoving is done for various reasons, such as construction, landscaping, and demolition.
    Our team has extensive experience performing large-scale earthmoving jobs, such as constructing roads, railways, bridges, etc. We use advanced machinery to move material quickly and accurately.

    a house being demolished

    Home demolition

    Home demolition is breaking down a building into its component parts, such as walls, floors, and roofing. This is usually done when a home has been damaged or is no longer suitable for living in.
    Home demolition offers the benefits of providing a clean slate for new construction and saving time by dealing with the existing structure. We have extensive experience in demolishing homes safely and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to neighbours and nearby businesses.
    Our team can also demolish any residential structure with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

    a house with white walls being demolished

    Commercial demolition

    Commercial buildings are often much larger and more complex than residential ones. As a result, it requires specialised knowledge and expertise to demolish them safely. We have the experience to handle any commercial demolition project easily, regardless of size or complexity.

    Commercial demolitions are done for different purposes, such as making way for new construction or clearing outdated structures. We can help you achieve your desired results quickly and safely.

    a blue excavator taking down a commercial building

    Partial demolition

    Demolition activities can sometimes include more than just knocking down a structure. We can also partially demolish buildings by removing specific parts or sections. This could be done to repair damage or upgrade the building without demolishing it entirely.
    Partial demolition requires that the demolition team be extra careful and work with precision. We have the skills, experience and equipment to perform partial demolitions safely and effectively.
    We have the tools and skills to safely carry out these partial demolition activities, ensuring that no unnecessary damage is done.

    a house with demolished walls and floor

    Strip outs & deficits

    In demolition, strip-outs refer to removing all fixtures, fittings and debris from a building before demolition. This can include removing furniture, plumbing, wiring and other items.
    The purpose of strip-outs is to ensure that nothing is left in the property before demolishing or renovating. We have the equipment and expertise to carry out strip-outs safely and effectively.
    Deficits, on the other hand, refer to the spaces left behind after a strip-out. These can include walls, ceilings, floors and other structures that must be addressed before demolition begins.
    We are experienced in dealing with deficits efficiently. We understand how to identify and address issues quickly and safely, ensuring minimal disruption during partial demolitions.

    two construction workers and an orange excavator on a site

    Land clearing

    Land clearing is a service that involves the removal of vegetation and debris from a specific area so it can be developed for other uses.
    The land-clearing process entails clearing vegetation and debris, grading the land, and removing existing structures. We are experienced in this process and can perform it quickly and efficiently with minimal environmental disruption.
    We will also take appropriate measures to ensure that no harm is done to wildlife or other sensitive areas during the clearing process.

    orange excavator moving debris

    Site clearing

    Site clearing is a service that involves the removal of any existing structures from a site to prepare it for development.
    This can involve demolishing existing buildings, removing vegetation, and removing items such as furniture or appliances.
    Site clearing differs from the land clearing in that it does not involve the removal of trees or other vegetation. Site clearing focuses on the removal of existing structures and debris.
    We have the expertise to safely and efficiently clear sites for various purposes. We will use appropriate safety measures and techniques to ensure that any demolition is done safely, protecting workers, bystanders, and the surrounding environment from harm.

    two excavator machine clearing a big site

    Detailed excavation

    Excavation is a method used to remove dirt, rocks, or other materials from a construction site. This is done by digging trenches and removing soil and debris using heavy machineries such as backhoes and excavators.

    Excavation can also involve relocating existing structures or features like water or utility lines.
    We offer detailed excavation, which often involves detailed planning and careful execution. We strive to ensure the excavation process is done accurately, efficiently, and safely.

    yellow excavator demolishing a house

    House demolition

    House demolition is a process that involves the removal of all structures and materials from a home or other building. This typically includes demolishing the walls, roof, foundation, and any other structural components.
    House demolition is done for various reasons, such as to make room for new construction projects or to remove damaged and outdated buildings. We have the experience and knowledge to safely and efficiently demolish any building.
    We ensure the demolition process is completed safely, with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. We also work hard to ensure that all materials are disposed of correctly and per local regulations.

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